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Our Story

Our Founder

Clinton Shane has been working within the kitchen industry for 41 years. His abilities and related knowledge of the industry are vast.

His insistence on being pro-active in keeping up with new products, tools and machinery together with having a good working relationship with staff has held him steady in his quest to supply a high-quality product and service. 

Our History

is remarkably similar to most businesses, starting out with limited funds and a vision of what we wanted to achieve. We have, over the years gone from strength to strength whilst installing rigorous standards that must be adhered to at every point of the kitchen purchasing process, from the very first cut of the day to the final piece of the kitchen being fitted. The company is in the process of investing in new blue-chip machinery that will help us achieve perfection within the manufacturing process and we look forward to installing many more of our unbeatable quality and priced kitchens for years to come. 

The Company

is predominately focused on high quality customer service, now you may well be thinking that is an old cliché as all companies are profit focused! Well, we believe that excellent customer service achieves higher profits in the long term and that is company policy.

Our Future

is one full of optimism, cutting edge technologies and a team that always go above and beyond make us half glass full at every turn.

Become a part of our future, and place your kitchen order with Best Buy Kitchens, remember we have tried to make our website simple to use and if you can’t find what you’re looking for please email or give us a call as there is nothing we are not able to do.

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