Shaker Kitchens For Sale

Shaker Kitchens For Sale – What Defines Shaker Style Kitchens?

Shaker kitchens for sale are available across the web. All you need to do is a quick search now and you will see that you have an abundance of options to choose from. However, if you are not completely familiar with the Shaker style, you may be worried that you could end up purchasing something that is not actually in keeping with the trend.

When we start to talk about what defines Shaker kitchens, you will be surprised by how many elements are familiar. This is because, despite the traditional roots of this furniture, the design ethos that was laid out by the Shakers is still very popular today. So, what should you expect when looking for Shaker kitchens for sale? Shaker kitchens place huge emphasis on practicality and they are very minimalistic in their approach. You can expect light colours, handcrafted appeal and clean lines. Originally, the Shakers would use the likes of pine and maple to create furniture. However, there are other woods used nowadays that look great and are in line with their design principles. This includes the likes of walnut and oak. Other Shaker design principles include simple door handles, glazed cabinet doors and kitchen islands. In addition to this, storage is very important when it comes to these kitchens, so everything has its place. Therefore, you really need to focus on functionality and ensuring that your kitchen accommodates all of the appliances and cookware you have.

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