Shaker Kitchen Cupboards

Shaker Kitchen Cupboards – What Is Shaker Furniture?

Shaker kitchen cupboards are something you may be considering for your kitchen. After all, Shaker kitchens have a timeless appearance that has made them popular for years and years. When you go down this route, you can be confident that your kitchen is never going to appear dated. But what is Shaker furniture and where did it originate?

The distinctive style of Shaker furniture is something that was developed by the Shakers, who are the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. This religious sect had guiding principles of honesty, utility and simplicity. These principles were reflected in the furniture that they made. Their minimalistic approach is something that is still admired and adored today. These communities manufactured their own furnishings and tools in order to separate themselves from the rest of the world. They wanted to create a heaven-on-earth, and thus they were very much self-sufficient. They did not use ornamentation, such as veneers, metal pillars, carvings or inlays, as they viewed this as deceitful and prideful. Instead, they added visual interest via the likes of multipurpose forms and asymmetrical drawer arrangements. The furniture was made from pine lumber, maple or cherry, and it was usually painted or stained in green, yellow, red or blue. Today, you will find that there are still many examples of Shaker furniture, and this is a trend that a lot of people are incorporating into their kitchens for sale.

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