Modern Shaker Kitchen

Modern Shaker Kitchen – Introducing A Modern Twist On The Classic Shaker Kitchen Style

Modern Shaker kitchen – this is a style that can look breath-taking if it has been done correctly. However, putting a contemporary twist on a classic kitchen design is not always easy. It is all about getting the balance right. You need to ensure that the overall style is classic, but with understated yet impactful modern touches. So how do you achieve this?

Shaker kitchens are known for being practical, simple and elegant, and thus you need to ensure you do not override these core qualities with the modern twists you implement. One of the best ways to add a modern edge to a Shaker kitchen is to incorporate some colour. Don’t go for anything too bold, such as red or bright yellow. Rather, keep it muted with the likes of blue-grey or mushroom. You may also want to consider choosing a contemporary kitchen door finish. With a traditional Shaker kitchens for sale, wood is the obvious choice. The Shakers used pine and maple originally, but it is not uncommon to see oak and walnut in their place today. However, if you want to spice things up you could go for a contemporary finish that suits the Shaker style, such as a laminate foil or lacquer. One of the best ways to create a modern impression is to opt for a white high gloss lacquer kitchen. Finally, one of the easiest ways to add a contemporary touch is to choose modern handles for your cabinets and drawers.

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