Luxury Modern Kitchens

Luxury Modern Kitchens – Common Design Mistakes

Luxury modern kitchens can upgrade any home. Not only will you add a stylish and lavish touch to your property, but you will increase the value too. Nevertheless, you will only do this if you avoid the common mistakes that many people make when it comes to kitchen design. Read on to discover more.

One mistake a lot of people make is having too much open shelving. There is no denying that open shelving can add a stylish touch, but it needs to be limited. After all, there are nothing like ketchup and novelty mugs on display to turn luxury kitchens into cheap-looking ones. You should also avoid using too much stainless steel. Again, there’s no question that a shiny chrome finish can look great on dishwashers, ovens and fridges. But if you use stainless steel for everything from your toaster, to your microwave, to even your worktops, you are going to end up with an industrial-looking kitchen. It is, therefore, advisable to mix in other materials for a high-end appearance. Another rookie error is designing a kitchen only to discover that your cupboards and drawers open into one another. Make sure you measure everything twice, if not more! You also need to consider where you are going to store trash when looking for kitchens for sale. It is a good idea to go for kitchens with pull-out drawers, as opposed to simply having a rubbish bin in the middle of your kitchen.

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