DIY Kitchen Worktops

DIY Kitchen Worktops – Guide To Worktops

DIY kitchen worktops could end up playing the role of snack bar, food prep surface, office desk, or cutting board on any given day. This is why it is vital to choose a surface that looks great, is durable, and does not take a lot of looking after. With that being said, below we are going to provide you with some pointers when looking for the right worktops.

When searching for kitchens for sale, you should aim to spend between ten and 15 per cent of your remodelling budget on your worktops and their installation. If you do not spend enough on this part of your kitchen, they are quite likely to let the rest of the room down. However, if you spend too much and the remainder of the kitchen ends up looking a bit shabby as a result, your kitchen will be disproportionate in terms of style and feel. You should also consider buying classic and timeless worktops, as opposed to those that are on trend. For example, you may like the sound of a bright blue DIY kitchen worktop now, but it is likely that this is going to be a passing fad. Instead, select something like marble or wood that is never going to go out of fashion. If you are serious about cooking, you may wish to consider including more than one colour for your worktop. For example, you may want to have a separate section for rolling dough if you are someone who does a considerable amount of baking.

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