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Designer Kitchen Designs – Creating A Country Kitchen

Designer kitchen designs cover a wide range of trends and themes, from modern kitchens to those with a retro feel. If your property has a bit of a rustic or old school vibe, you may want to consider creating a country kitchen. This is perfect for instilling houses with a comforting and homely feel. Read on to discover some top tips for creating a country kitchen.

So, let’s begin with the colours you should be looking for when seeking kitchens for sale. If you want to add some colour, do it via the cupboards. However, make sure you choose muted shades, such as French grey, sage, clotted cream or duck egg. Such painted cupboards look beautiful combined with a varnished or waxed wood floor as well as an oak or scrubbed pine dining table. One of the great things about going for a country-feel kitchen is that you can incorporate an eclectic mix of furniture. You can easily add upcycled and reclaimed pieces to designer kitchens and they won’t look out of place with this trend. You will also need to ensure that your kitchen features rustic details. For a modern take on this trend, choose rustic accessories in natural materials. It is also important to keep everything nice and natural. Bring texture to your kitchen by adding a chunky cotton or wool rug, and consider fabrics such as cotton and linen. When choosing patterns, keep them simple, for example, nature-inspired motifs and ticking stripes.

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